Salad Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is for my every-day salad smoothie, that tastes like anything but salad! 

Salads can be definitely be delicious, but for people transitioning to healthier eating (or really anyone!) a giant bowl of lettuce and veggies may not sound ideal all the time.

This recipe is the perfect way to get a huge nutrient and fiber boost first thing in the morning, and the sweetness of the fruit masks a lot of the taste from the greens! Plus, it's a great way to boost your immune system!

It is an adaptive recipe, which means you can change up the greens and the fruit you use to keep things interesting and find a combination that works best for you. The goal of this recipe is to optimize digestion, increase energy, eliminate gas and bloating, and help you achieve healthier skin. It is formulated to achieve that regardless of which ingredients from the list you choose to use!

In order to achieve the goals listed above, this recipe only includes fruits and vegetables, as mixing fruit with nuts and seeds can lead to bloating and slowing down digestion, among other things.

My goal is always maximizing energy and digestion, and this recipe does just that, along with being extremely alkalizing to your entire body thanks to all the fiber!

This is the blender I swear by for all of my smoothies, purees, and more!

Let me know what you think, and what your favorite combination is!



- Romaine

- Spinach

- Kale, or green leaf lettuce

- Celery

- Cucumber

- Parsley

- Cilantro

- Mint


- Bananas... you want to look for spotting bananas best for digestion and quick elimination.

- Lemon

- Apple... make sure to core the apple.

- Pear... make sure to core the pear.

- Frozen Pineapple

- Frozen Mango

- Frozen Peaches


I prefer to use this coconut water but filtered water works just as well!

You can play around with these ingredients and find a combo that you love. The recipe below is definitely my go-to!

My Exact Combination:

Serves 1-3 people.

1 Small Head of Romaine

1 Large Handful of Spinach

3 Celery Sticks

1/2 Cucumber

2 Bananas

1 Apple

1 Cup of Frozen Mango

1 Cup of Frozen Pineapple

2+ cups of coconut water or filtered water

(Depending on the consistency you prefer, I love my smoothies thick so opt for less liquid.)

Enjoy loves!