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I'm Danielle,

The Mindful Blonde

I’m a certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor and self-care enthusiast here to give you mindful, actionable advice that you can embrace during your very own wellness journey.


Through my own curated healing experience and background in nutrition and yoga, my mission is to help you find the modalities that bring you into true alignment.


Healthy living is not a one-size-fits all journey and what may work for one person, may not work for another. And so, I work to help you discover the foods, wellness routines and products that help heal you from the inside out. The best part about this entire process is that it starts with you. Think of me as your guiding light that inspires action to uncover your own unique path to live your best, healthiest and most authentic life. Your path to a healthier and more vibrant life should be fun and light you up inside.

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C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M S


A one-time coaching session is a 60-minute deep-dive into all aspects of your life, including a complete health history. Together, we will identify where you’re currently at and where you would like to be and how to achieve optimal alignment. 


This is a month to month program that includes a comprehensive health history, one-on-one bi- weekly coaching sessions in-person or over the phone, unlimited email support and detailed session notes, as well as access to nutritional resources and tools customized to your individual plan. This option is only offered to those who have completed an initial session with myself.


This is a multi-sensory experience involving nutrition talks, dietary recommendations, mindful movement, meditation and more. This is a powerful and special experience to share with co-workers, business partners, friends and family members.


Did you have something else in mind as far as ways I may be able to assist you with your health? Send me an email and let's chat.