It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with food and obsessed to the point where it literally ran my life. It consumed most of my thoughts, and took up hours of my day. At the time, I thought this way of being was normal, and I never saw myself as someone who suffered with disordered eating, until I found myself not enjoying the things I used to love, whether they were food related or not. I didn’t enjoy the way I was feeling and the habits that I had started, but I was consumed by them.


From connecting with so many of you digitally, I know that I'm not the only one that has struggled with these ideas and feelings, and the goal of this guide is to share what helped me return to a healthy relationship with food, and to provide you with tips and tricks to help you do the same. This 25-page guide includes:


  • A deep dive into emotional eating
  • An breakdown of food combining
  • My 3 food combining principles
  • Tips for eating light to heavy
  • What I eat in a day
  • Important notes on snacking, disordered eating and plant-based eating
  • A printable grocery store checklist
  • My top 4 grocery store tips
  • A restuarant cheat-sheet
  • 11 exclusive recipes!


I cannot wait to introduce you to the principles and practices that have changed my life!


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Mindful Eating and Food Combining Ebook