TMB Green Juice Recipe

You will always find me with my green juice in hand!

Some people dream about morning coffee (and I do love my coffee), but my green juice recipe is exactly what I need to get my day started. I swear it’s these consistent daily habits that build a strong, healthy foundation in the home!

My green juice recipe is foundational for everyone! Play around with the ingredients and see what works for you.

Serves 2!


- 1 full cucumber (peeling isn’t necessary)

- 1 bunch of celery

- 1 full lemon (peeled)

- 1 full apple

* If your looking for a little spice, add in a piece (1 inch) of raw ginger

* If you're in need of more vitamin C, add in 1/2 an orange (peeled)


Juice all of the ingredients together! The juicer I love and have used for 3+ years can be found here.

Enjoy loves!