6-Ingredient Veggie Chili

I love creating and cooking simple recipes that require minimal time and use only real, whole plant-based ingredients.

I aim for all my recipes to be six ingredients or less, and I don't believe that recipes need to be difficult to be delicious. Turning an all time favourite meal like chili into a go-to option is what I live for!

This recipe only requires five veggies, and takes under 20 minutes to prep! It can be created on the stove top but I much prefer a crockpot version.


- 5 carrots

- 5 small sweet potatoes 

- 1 white onion 

- 1 red pepper 

- 2 organic cans of black beans 

- 2 organic cans of chopped tomatoes 

- Spices: 2 tbs chilli powder, 2 tbs garlic powder, salt to taste. 

Depending on how thick you prefer your chill, adding 1 1/2 cups of water is an option.


  1. Chop all veggies into medium size pieces (not too small!).

  2. Add all chopped veggies to crockpot.

  3. Add in canned tomatoes and black beans + water.

  4. Add in spices last, stir all ingredients well and turn crock pot on high.

  5. Cook till veggies are soft or 3-4 hours.

Enjoy loves!